Business and Marketing Automation

Revolutionise the everyday

So many of the everyday repetitive tasks we’re faced with can now be automated. Here at BFJ Media we help you design, implement; operate business-changing automation through every facet of your operation.

Work smarter, not harder.

Predicted value of business automation market by 2026.
Of SMBs say automation allows them to compete with larger companies.
Of people would rather sit in traffic for an extra two hours every day than give up their automation tools.

Effective automation spans your entire organisation. From marketing, to operations automation shapes businesses, making them more efficient and allowing managers and owners to focus on what matters, like new business opportunities, keeping your staff and customers happy, and improving your culture.

Automation can be applied in many ways:

  • Marketing email automation
  • Dynamic website content via your CRM
  • Automated Ecommerce Ads
  • Search and Display Google ads updated as your CRM updates
  • Streamlining processes such as inventory integrations
  • Increasing revenue month on month by automation campaigns

How we do it



First, together we'll determine what areas of your business can be automated



We'll conduct a systems audit to develop a automation concept



We'll then develop your automation campaigns to improve business efficiencies



From launch we'll help you review the automation



Using live reporting we'll then reporting on the automations effectiveness

We want to help you realise the full potential of automation throughout your business. It’s about so much more than just email flows, it’s about changing the way you operate, so you can give your people the best chance of success and your clients and stakeholders the best possible service.

It’s about not needing to sweat the small stuff and freeing your people up to be the best they can be.

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