Content Marketing

Consumers will give you eight seconds of their time.

How your Brand speaks to your customer is central to every single touchpoint. We build paid media campaigns using data analytics to understand your customer, cohesive messaging to resonate with your audience and lead with content that is relevant and stand out.

With twenty years of video, written, audio and online production in our mix, we deliver all forms of content:

  • online AD’s from 15 + 30 second socials to training video’s
  • lead generation forms, eDM’s & SEO performing blogs
  • live streaming & webinars
  • online tools such as calculators & conditional logic questionnaires that answer user questions

Is creating unique daily content exhausting your team? Less is more with a structured content strategy. Grow with us.


Content Marketing Facts

Recently a piece of content we planned and produced helped a business survive the impact of Coronavirus. The content was planned within days of the virus looking like a threat to revenue. The outcome was this business outranked all news websites, even the ABC as the leading piece of content in search.

Impressions in Google from 1 piece of planned content
Sessions in 3 months from that content
Bookings from this content, delivering revenue that got the client through Covid

Content is never about you, it's about them.
What is the user experience? What do they need to know? How will you help them? Content savvy consumers sniff out 'the sell'. We show you how to create your brand story with a paid media strategy.

How do we do it?
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Identify the content purpose. What does the user want to achieve from this content?



Know the relevance of the content. Using trending data we'll ensure the content is what users are consuming.



Choose what type of content matters. We produce content with statistical data supporting what's included to ensure it will be found in search.



Make the content active. Using reporting to ensure the content ranks, achieves rich snippets, and then converts.



Measure content. How much revenue did this content deliver your business? Our reporting methods are extremely advanced to ensure real ROI, not just traffic or leads.