Content Marketing

Recently a piece of content we planned and produced helped a business survive the impact of Coronavirus.

The content was planned within days of the virus looking like a threat to revenue. The outcome was that this business outranked all news websites, even the ABC as the leading piece of content in search.

Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.
Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.
Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.

Consumers will give you eight seconds of their time.

How your Brand speaks to your customer is central to every single touchpoint. We build paid media campaigns using data analytics to understand your customer, delivering cohesive messaging that resonates with your audience is relevant and stands out.

With twenty years of video, written, audio and online production in our mix, at BFJ Media, we deliver all forms of content:

  • Online ad’s from 15-30 second socials to training video’s
  • Lead generation forms, eDM’s & SEO perfomance blogs
  • Live streaming & webinars
  • Online tools such as calculators and conditional logic questionnaires that answer users’ questions

Is creating unique daily content exhausting your team? Less is more with a structured content strategy. Grow with us.


Would you like to stop guessing when it comes to what’s going to work with your content strategy and add some much needed science to the art of content production?

Everything we produce for you comes from a place of understanding what works through research, craft, testing and learning and then using the data to sharpen our approach even further.

It’s content production… but smarter. Across all mediums (copy, video, imagery, design) we are able to ensure everything is integrated and geared towards results by:

  • Starting with SEO research
  • Delivering SEO content guidelines
  • Start with a fully optimised longer form blog post on the website
  • Break that out into themes and smaller grabs
  • These are then used to inform social, eDM, ad copy and video ideation
  • Monitoring, understanding what works and iterating

How we do it

We want to help you understand how an individual piece of content contributed to the success of your campaign and to your bottom line.

If you want to create powerful content that entertains, educates and sells, contact us today.

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