Digital Marketing Packages

Your success is our success.

Our Digital Marketing packages are built to be your Digital Marketing Manager, or compliment the team you have.

Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.
Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.
Conversions from a 3,820 monthly goal.

Do you need a channel strategy for Google Ads, programmatic or social media? Or perhaps you need a CRM integration that talks to your e-commerce and sales pipeline, customer service automation, an eDM and content marketing plan or a mobile responsive website with dynamic calculators and online video content? You’re welcome.

At BFJ Media, we like to think of our packages as sowing the seeds of your brand’s online success. We nurture. You grow. It’s that simple.

Every campaign is crafted to grow and scale your brand market share, customer loyalty and increase revenue.

One strategic lead, multiple integrated channels, and custom-built campaigns tailored to your audience and business objectives – and no contract. Why? Our lead generation and conversion success speaks for itself.

Our National brands and SME’s say we are their in-house digital team off-site. Need one of these too? Read more or contact us today.


Our industry has become incredibly complicated and fragmented, meaning even the most skilled Digital Marketing Manager will need specialist support.

We offer:

  • SEM / Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Digital Transformation
  • Website design and development
  • Email / SMS Marketing
  • Access to a team of senior digital specialists
  • No juniors managing your account
  • A flat organisational structure meaning no layers of account management

How we do it

The pace of change is so dizzying when it comes to digital marketing that it should never fall to any one person or any one team to keep up. Our team are like your digital marketing oracles… helping to decipher the best way to avoid the pitfalls of a fickle digital marketplace.

What if you had an team of digital marketing heavyweights at your disposal every day? What if they worked with you like and extension of your in house team, helping you at a highly strategic level while executing on the daily. Imagine if they could help to up skill your team internally while putting a shoulder to the wheel and delivering the results that make end of month reporting something to look forward to?

That’s where we come in. Sound good? Reach out, via the contact us page or feel free to give us a call.

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