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Evolve your business digitally

According to studies conducted by Google in Australia, very few businesses have achieved digital marketing maturity. You’re not alone, even enterprise businesses are yet to nail it.


Companies surveyed by Google are still in the earliest stage of the shift to data-driven marketing
Some use of owned data in automated buying
Data integrated and activated across channels.

Digital transformation is crucial for a business to evolve. Success hinges on the customer experience.

For digital technology to be of benefit to your brand and your customer, integration works together across all aspects of business operations. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

At BFJ Media we create a systems architecture that enables you to become agile and responsive, using data and automation to build new processes. We create a pathway that brings culture and technology together by supporting your team and your digital infrastructure.

Whether it is CRM integration, process automation for e-commerce or ai and machine learning platforms, we build data systems tailored to your business needs.

Shifting from the ‘old way’ can be daunting. Need a 21st century business? Grow with us.


Would you like to know which marketing campaigns drove the most revenue, even if you’re a bricks and mortar business? We can help you achieve that.

You’ll hear buzz words like customer journey mapping, omni-channel interactions, offline revenue reporting and programmatic advertising by digital marketers. The truth is, getting to that point is very hard. That’s where we come in. With our broad skill set, and data driven integrations we can help you digitise your business.

Our processes will help you connect each of your marketing channels and customers to your business KPIs, thereby improving your business goals.

How we do it



First, we work with you to determine and asses the current systems and business goals



We'll then design you a clear path to implement a systems architecture to achieve those goals



Alongside you we will help build the marketing stack or systems architecture to increase revenue



We'll then build KPIs around the systems and optimise programs to ensure your business is performing, and future proof



To help you understand what areas are driving revenue, we'll build you live reports to monitor results

Imagine being able to tell your stakeholders – Google Adwords drove $3,000,398 in revenue this year, Facebook drove $1,000,002. With that information, your marketing decisions become a lot easier, and you’ll save ad spend, but increase revenue. This is not a pipe dream, it’s happening for leading businesses we work with today.

If you’re yet to use a CRM, that’s where we’ll start, if you have a CRM we can also help connect and improve your systems.

Contact us today to transform and grow your business.

Digitising a business helps ensure you’re keeping up or staying ahead of your competitors.

BFJ Media can take you through a proven process to digitise every possible process to save time and money, but also to improve your online presence, and staff satisfaction.

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