Email & SMS Marketing

What could be better than opening an email full of news and special deals from a much-loved brand?

It’s a distinction that sets apart the people who understand email & SMS marketing and those who don’t.

We've sent over 1 million emails and SMS messages combined via clever campaigns for our clients.
We connect customers to an engaged client base via 1 easy tool you can manage, or we can on your behalf. It's your choice.
Our advanced email and sms tool connects to over 1000 other marketing tools. That means easier management, quicker results and cheaper campaigns.

Cost effective and conversion rich, direct marketing continues to be a primary customer acquisition and retention channel. We know exactly how to develop powerful eDM and SMS strategies that integrate with your brand campaigns and drive conversion.

Using advanced automation we connect your database or CRM to consumers creating custom solutions and personalising content served at the right time, to the right person.

Not sure how to optimise your outbound eDM and SMS stratgey? We do. Grow with us.

People pay attention to text and email. So, using these channels to reach your target audience means you can send highly personalised, high value information, entertainment and offers to a highly engaged, opt-in audience. We can help you craft a strategy that will ensure your SMS and email messages stay on point, on brand and of course, convert.

Email and SMS marketing let you:

  • Stay in consistent contact with your audience
  • Keep your customers highly engaged
  • Send tailored messages to different customer segments
  • Add value to your community
  • Own the conversation

How we do it



There are many different reasons for using email and SMS. Your goals will dictate which channel is best.



We create captivating concepts to bring you great results at the lowest possible cost.



We produce great-looking, interactive emails that will keep your customers thinking about your brand.



We keep track of what your target audience is responding to.



Finally, we come back to you and discuss what's worked best so we can do more of it next time.

At its best, email and SMS marketing are about offering value for your stakeholders, never spam.

We help you craft direct marketing campaigns that entertain, educate and engage. Reach your audience when and where it suits them.

At BFJ Media, we build excellent email campaigns for our clients. From e-newsletters and bulk email campaigns to cross media automation, we have the tools to keep your customers engaging and responding with your brand – again and again.

If you want to grow your audience and engagement, we’d love to hear from you.

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