Facebook Shopping ads

Sell your products on Facebook.

Selling your products on Facebook can ensure you reach new customers to increase revenue by appearing in Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, Marketplace and shopping ads.

2.93 Billion Facebook users
37% of the world is on Facebook
58% of Facebook users are male

Expand your online store in Facebook.

A shop is your online storefront where people can browse, explore and purchase your products directly on Facebook and Instagram.

With customizable collections and simple design tools, you can showcase featured products, bring your brand to life and make shopping seamless for your customers.

Our social commerce solution combines the latest P2C technologies with the strategic consultation needed to succeed in commerce’s fastest-growing sector. P2C management empowers businesses to cut through the complexity impeding growth.
Benefits of selling on Facebook :
  • Control budget by ROI
  • Reach new audiences
  • Access Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, all at once
  • Dynamically build thousands of ad variations via our tools

How we do it



First, we ask what audience you are trying to reach and what you want to tell them.



We'll then develop an ecommerce strategy that drives revenue via Facebook ads and Marketplace



We'll make sure those ads are reaching the right people in the right areas



Our Facebook campaigns include live revenue reporting so you can control how many sales you get.



We'll keep you in the loop so you know exactly how your campaign is working and change things as you need.

Meet your customers where they are with an online shop on Facebook. Customers can discover, browse and buy your products without ever leaving the app.

If you have an online store personalised social ads are an effective way to drive new revenue with ROAS control, contact us today.

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