Revenue Attribution

Measure offline sales from digital activity.

Close the gap between your sales and your digital marketing so you can prove your ROI, and manage your budgets to increase overall revenue.

29% in cost savings on average for brands who have connected their online and offline data
Only 9% of brands realise full potential of their data
48% of brands have connected online and offline data in a basic manner

Increase your sales using improved revenue attribution

For CMOs, CEOs, CFO and their digital marketing teams, the changes in the last few years has been fast, technical, and fruitful for those who built on the application of their owned data.

Using advanced enterprise reporting methodology via our custom data warehouses our digital marketing campaigns can be attributed to your sales even if those sales occur offline. This powerful reporting means you will know exactly which campaigns are working.

So, how can you fast-track your digital marketing maturity to anticipate the needs of your customers and report on your revenue accurately?

    • Build a marketing stack that’s fully integrated
    • Build a virtuous cycle around 1P data
    • Invest in end-to-end measurement
    • Prioritise agility and a test and learn culture
    • Embrace new skills and partnerships
    • Engage BFJ Media to help you realise your datas potential


How we do it



First, we listen to your business reporting objectives



We'll then develop a reporting concept to improve your business marketing decisions



We'll build a marketing stack to report on the customer journey from online, into your business



Using BFJ Media data warehouses we'll connect the live data



24/7 live dashboards will report on the sales and campaigns that generated those offline sales

Digitally mature brands (which there are very few of) recognise there are clear benefits in revenue growth and efficiencies – but they’re struggling to put it all into practice.

From enterpries clients to SME’s BFJ Media can help build your marketing stack to enable C-suites, or business owners make improved and informed decisions based of their own dt

Find out how you can be best prepared to react to these shifting consumer trends in your personalized interactive Digital Marketing Maturity report by contacting us today.

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