Search Engine Marketing

Online marketing that gets noticed. Drive immediate traffic and sales, and know exactly how much each sale cost.

Targeted search engine advertising is an effective, highly targeted way to spend your advertising budget. BFJ Media can talk you through your search engine advertising options, showing you just how far your dollars can go when spent on a smart online advertising campaign.

How do we do it?
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First, we ask what audience you are trying to reach and what you want to tell them.



We'll then develop a campaign strategy that distills your brand and messages into snappy, click-worthy advertisements.



We'll make sure those ads are reaching the right people in the right areas.



One of the great things about pay per click advertising is how much information it gives about what's working best in your campaign. We'll keep close tabs on the data.



We'll keep you in the loop so you know exactly how your campaign is working.

Search Engine Marketing Facts

Search engine marketing, or pay per click advertising, drives targeted traffic to your website and offers an excellent return on your investment. PPC advertising allows you to advertise your product or service directly to people actively seeking your services.

Monitor how many conversions PPC drives.
$6 CPA
Know exactly how much each sale cost
Drive down CPC and cost of media via advanced optimisation

BFJ Media has a range of packaged options for businesses looking to effectively target their advertising dollar.

We’re big fans of advertising with Google because it allows you to highly target your message and audience. You can pick exactly where your ad is seen, who sees it and how often. That means the best possible return on your spend.

When developing a PPC campaign, we start with a comprehensive analysis of your audience, website and competition.

Then, we look at what search keywords you want your ad displayed on, helping you carve out an online niche for your brand.

We then build ads that work, using proven copywriting techniques for honing your message to appeal to your audience.

Finally, we monitor and assess the results, letting you know exactly how your campaign is progressing.

We love pay per click advertising for one reason – it works. If you’re keen to see more results for your business and have a budget that’s small or large, contact us to talk through your SEM options.