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We increased SmartClinics traffic by 362%

We increased our clients revenue by 162% with search marketing only

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BFJ Media is a stand out agency - these guys are highly skilled and their account management and response time is exceptional. Happy to recommend for SEM, SEO, website development, social and email marketing. SmartClinics has expanded from 1 medical centre to 40 in just 3 years and the BFJ team has been with us the whole way, recommending new and innovative campaigns and strategies that achieve great results.

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Total transparency - 24/7 digital marketing dashboards to help keep the conversation flowing and the campaigns agile.

Revenue reporting - understand what activity in market is making you money not just impressions or clicks.

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  • Facebook users16,470,000
  • Youtube visitors14,000,000
  • Linkedin users12,750,000
  • Instagram users12,380,000
  • WhatsApp users12,000,000
  • Tiktok Users7,380,000
  • Snapchat users7,100,000

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