Programmatic Advertising

Supercharge your ad spend.

Programmatic advertising is leading the digital marketing revolution. AI and machine learning use data to predict outcomes and suggest the right ads to serve along the buying journey.

Granular audience targeting with mutlti-device output from mobile, desktop, tablet, in APP to TV and out-of- home combined with multiple ad types makes your dollar work harder.

Flanked by a team of programmatic pro’s, we can show you how to use your data for a better ROI. Grow with us.

Programmatic Advertising Facts

Programmatic advertising gives you targeting and campaign refinement capabilities that are impossible using standard video or display advertising networks.

Growth in US Programmatic Advertising spend 2014-2020.
Programmatic's share of all digital advertising spend in 2020.
70 Billion
Ad slots served daily

Since 2014, advertising spend on programmatic media has grown significantly. In 2014, around US$10.06 billion was spent on programmatic advertising in the United States. This grew to US$70 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach US$98 billion by 2020. In Australia, programmatic spend was around AU$1.74 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach AU$2.92 billion in 2020, with around 67.2% of all digital display advertising expected to be delivered programmatically.

Much has been written on the growth of programmatic advertising into its current form. It is a natural evolution of digital marketing and the drive towards automated advertising using ever-increasing amounts of data to optimise delivery and improve return on investment. From the early days of basic retargeting to website visitors to modern segmentation of users along the entire conversion funnel, programmatic advertising now provides advertisers with the opportunity to tightly allocate media spend.

BFJ Media’s programmatic media service can ensure your ads are on TV, Digital Audio, Spotify, Youtube, using the latest ad types and rich media. Don’t get caught behind, get in touch today and we’ll show you how it works.

Programmatic advertising is the future of digital ad delivery. Real time ad buying based on a swathe of data and instant delivery directly into the eyeballs of a precision-targeted customer gives you an advantage over anyone relying on standard digital marketing.

Get your brand in places it's never been before, including the most-trafficked web properties and catch-up TV.

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