Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO is absolutely crucial if you want your business to reach more customers. We’ve improved our clients ranking positions by 96,726 keyword rankings. We can help your business be part of that success…

Good SEO is absolutely crucial if you want your business to reach more customers. As customers increasingly do all their research online when choosing suppliers, can you afford NOT to have a good SEO strategy in place?

How do we do it?
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We start by analysing your brand's current search engine rankings and discussing where you'd like to be instead.



Then, we formulate a plan to optimise your current web presence and implement a link-building strategy to make sure Google, Bing and Yahoo are paying attention.



We systematically work through your website, optimising your text and images to make sure the web spiders can find their way around as easily as possible.



We actively monitor your website's progress as its moves up the search engine rankings.



Finally, we'll come back and show you the results. Of course, you can search and see for yourself (just put your keywords into a search engine and look at the top of the page).

Search Engine Optimisation Facts

If your website is sitting lower in search engine rankings than you want it to be, you’ll need to look at your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Ranking improvements for our clients
We've pushed tens of thousands keyword rankings for our clients into position 1.
Hundreds of thousands keywords being optimised and moving to that top position.

SEO is all about increasing quality traffic to your website by lifting you to the top of search engine results pages. Good, sustainable SEO involves building an ethical strategy to build your presence and improve your brand’s reputation online.

At BFJ Media, we start with a comprehensive examination of your existing website, looking for things that may be keeping you from achieving the best possible ranking for your website.

Then, we methodically go through your site to optimise images and video, add meta tags and improve content. That makes it much easier for web spiders, the robots the search engines use to crawl through and rank information, to find their way around.

Finally, we look at ethical and sustainable link-building strategies, to let the search engines know your website is worth finding.

Using a good SEO strategy will turn your business into a customer magnet by ensuring you outrank the competition online. Not only that, it will drive awareness of your brand and bring you more leads. As we often point out to our clients, if you’re not ranked number one by the search engines, your competition is.